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Phra Kampang GleepBua (Kampangphet)<font color=red>(SOLD)

Phra Kampang GleepBua (Kampangphet)(SOLD)

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Phra Kampang GleepBua was found at Kampangphet Province together with Phra Soomkor which is one of the Phra Benjaphakee amulets(The Grand Five Amulets Thailand).

This piece shown here was found at Kru Wat Boromatha where the old Bailan Ngern(Silver Bailan) was also found. It was inscribed that these Phra Kru amulets are good for Metta Maha Niyom, Phokhasap,Khlaeo Khlaat and JareernGaoNa(Good relationship,wealth prosperity,avoid danger and progress) and there was also a statement stated มีกูแล้วไม่จน(Have me and will not poor).

During B.E.2392 Somdet Pra Puthachan(Tho) of Wat Rakang(Bangkok) went back to his home town Kampangphet Province and found the stone inscription at the Pagoda of Wat Sadet(Kampangphet) stated that this temple, Wat Boromatha was built together with the amulets stored at the Pagoda by The Fifth Phra Ruang,Pra Maha Thamarachalithai in B.E.1900 during Sukhothai period.

As seen from the photo shown,you can see the eyes of the Phra Kampang GleepBua(Kampangphet) which is very hard to come across a beautiful piece like this,with the original texture maintain this piece can be considered as one of the most beautiful piece among Phra Kampang GleepBua.

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