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Phra Khunphaen Kru Wat BanKrang Phim KhaenOnn (Flexible arm) (Suphanburi)<font color=red>(SOLD)

Phra Khunphaen Kru Wat BanKrang Phim KhaenOnn (Flexible arm) (Suphanburi)(SOLD)

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Phra KhunPhaen Kru Wat BanKrang(Suphanburi) was created by Somdet Pra Naresuan(King Naresuan) in the Ayuthaya period in the year of B.E.2137. Somdet Pra Pannarat (Pra Wanratana) of Wat Pakaew which is also known as Wat Yai Chai Mongkong nowadays was invited to bless these amulets. In B.E.2445,the pagoda collapsed and all the amulets were taken out from the pagoda.

This piece shown here is the Phra Khunphaen Phim KhaenOnn which one of the most popular Phim or can be say as the Top Five popular Phim among the Phra Khunphaen Kru Wat Bankrang (Suphanburi). Has a very beautiful original condition which is hard to come across nowadays.

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