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Phrakring Srinakhorn Acharn Sawai Sumano 2516 <font color=red>(SOLD)

Phrakring Srinakhorn Acharn Sawai Sumano 2516 (SOLD)

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Phrakring Srinakhorn amulets were sponsored by Khun Wukten Taychabyboon,who was the owner of Srinakhorn Bank,in celebration of his 60th birthday. Acharn Sawai Sumano of Wat Rajnadda (Bangkok),who is highly respected by Khun Wukten Taychabyboon,was invited to consecrate this batch of Phrakring amulets.

Only created in Nawa material, the mixture of the materials was done according to the formula of Wat Suthat which Acharn Sawai Sumano had fully mastered.

Acharn Sawai inscripted Yant on a piece of 15grams gold plate and 9 other popular monks during that time were also requested to inscript Yant on it. The nine monks were namely:

1)LuangPhor Moon (Pattalung) 2)LuangPu Thiam Wat Kasartharaat (Ayuthaya)

3)LuangPu Nak Wat Rakang(Bangkok) 4)LuangPhor Plam(Bangkok)

5)LuangPu Toh Wat Pradoochimpee (Bangkok) 6)LuangPhor LamYong Wat Soothorn Pradit (Pitsanulok)

7)LunagPhor Lek (Nakonpathom) 8)LuangPhor ThongYoo Wat Mai NongPong(Samut Sakon)

9)Acharn Sawai Sumano Wat Rajnadda (Bangkok)

Other materials include :

Takruts from a few late Masters such as;

1)Gold,silver and pink gold of LuangJaem Wat WangDaengNur(Ayauthaya) 2)Gold Takrut LoopOm of LuangPu Jai Wat Sadet

3)Takrut ThongDaeng(Copper) of LuangBaai Wat ChongLom 4)Takrut Ngern(Silver) of LuangPhor Daeng Wat KaoBandait(Petchaburi)

5)Takrut ThongKam(Gold) of LuangPhor Pilan Wat Tai 6)108 sheets of Yant Pichai Songkram (Mystic Symbol,treatise on war strategy)

7)Yant of NaPaMang 14 sheets

The various materials from the old batches of PhraKring :

1)Left over of PhraKring material by Somdet Sangkarat Pae Wat Suthat(Bangkok) 2)The metal alloy mould of Phrakring Naresuan 2507(Pitsanulok)

3)The metal alloy mould of Phrakring Naresuan MuangNgaai 2512(ChiangMai) 4)The left over material for making the PhraKring E-kathosaro

5)Left over material of Phrakring Nawa Hor Rakoon and old Phrakring of Wat Rajnadda(Bangkok)

The monks who were invited to the ceremony were namely;

1) Phra Acharn Fan,Wat Pa Udomsombon (Sakon Nakon) 2)LuangPu Kao Analayo, Wat ThamKlongphien (Udon Thanni)

3)LuangPu Kam Dee Wat Tham PaaBpoo (Loie) 4)LuangPhor Paang JitDta KooTho Wat U-Dom Kong Kakerstkit (KonKaen)

5)LuangPu See Tat Wat PraThanong SaamMeun 6)LuangPu Nak Wat Rakang (Bangkok)

7)LuangPhor Jamlong Wat Raai Singkom 8)LuangPu Saa Wat Rajnadda (Bangkok)

9)LuangPhor Bpan Wat Teptidaa 10)Phra Ratmuni Wat Patoo Muan Raem (Bangkok)

11)LuangPhor Thongyoo Wat NongPa-ong (Samut Sakon) 12)LuangPhor Chaem Wat Don Yai Hom (Nakon Pathom)

13)LuangPhor Lek Wat Nong Din Daeng 14)LuangPhor Ngern wat Julamanee

15)LuangPhor Thup Wat KaeNangLerng 16)LuangPhor Thiam Wat Kasartarat (Ayuthaya)

17)LuangPhor Kasem (Lampang) 18)Phra Acharn Lam Jiak Wat Salateuk

19)Phra Acharn Sawai Sumano Wat Rajnadda (Bangkok) 20)LuangPhor Bpee Wat Daanlaanhoi

21)LuangPhor Lamyong Wat SoomTou Pradit (Pitsanulok) 22)LuangPhor Lamai Wat Prasriratanamahadta (Pitsanulok)

23)LuangPhor Bpra derm Wat Pleng 24)LuangPhor Moon Wat Kao Daeng (Pattalung)

25)LungPhor Utama (Kanchanaburi) 26)LuangPhor YYeuan (Pattalung)

27)LuangPu See Wat Sakae (Ayuthaya) 28)LuangPu Waen Wat Doi MaePang (ChiangMai)

29)LuangPhor Jan Wat Mareukathaiwan

After the above ceremony held by all the great masters, LuangPu Toh of Wat Pradoochimplee (Bangkok) was requested to bless these amulets for one more time at Wat Pradoochimplee.

With such knowledge and ability to conduct such a big consecration ceremony for PhraKring amulets, one can truly understand why many famous temples in Thailand such as Wat Prasriratanamahadta (Pitsanulok),Wat Pra Singh (Chiangmai) and Wat Palelai (Suphan Buri) will always invite Acharn Sawai Sumano of Wat Rajnadda to organise the ceremonies and assist in mixing the formula for creating Phrakring'amulets, This of course, is also the main reason why collectors are so keen in collecting Phrakring amulets created by Acharn Sawai Sumano.

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